Extracurricular activities improve the educational level, interpersonal relationships and increase students' motivation. Each student should do the activity he/she likes the most in order to develop his/her passion and self-esteem. This kind of activities allow them to relate not only with their classmates, but also with classmates from other grades with whom they share interests.

In children and young people, participation in these extracurricular activities further encourages the development of executive functions, which are essential for acquiring academic and socioemotional skills.

That' s why at SBS we have the Science Fair, Theater Plays, Judo, Classical Ballet, the Estudiantina, Music Band, and the uniqueness of our Folkloric Ensemble, which is already projected internationally. In addition, physical education emphasizes not only traditional sports such as basketball, baseball, and soccer, but also tennis, volleyball, chess, table tennis, etc.

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