Before completing the admission form, you must have the following requirements:

  1. Copy from both sides of juvenile Panamanian I.D. or original birth certificate.
  2. Certificate of Good Standing Debt from the educational center of origin ("Paz y Salvo").
  3. Two passport photos
  4. Copy of Immunization Record.
  5. Copy of the last report card (Elementary and Secondary School).
  6. Cumulative record of official credits.
  7. Certificate of good health.
  8. Certificate of good conduct.
  9. Academic tests from the second grade (only if considered necessary).
  10. English test from the seventh grade with a score no lower than B1 for 7°, 8° and 9° grades or B2 for 10°, 11° and 12° grades according to the scale of the Common European Framework of Reference for languages (CEFR).
  11. In secondary school you must enter our English Language Learning Program (ELL) if you do not reach the required qualification in your English test.
  12. Psychological test administered by a psychologist chosen by the school.
  13. Copy of guardian’s I.D. or Passport.
  14. If the guardian is a person other than one of the parents, please send written authorization, signed and notarized by both parents indicating who will be the guardian, or, send a copy of the resolution issued by the competent authority that indicates who has the custody and parenting or legal guardianship of the candidate, ambos padres indicando quién será el acudiente, o, envíe copia de la resolución emitida por la autoridad competente que indique quien tiene la guarda y crianza o tutoría legal del candidato.
Foreign students must also submit:
  1. Copy of student’s passport.
  2. Work permit or visa that defines the immigration status of the guardian
  3. Authenticated credits in the country of origin by:
    • Office of Education,
    • Ministry of Foreign Affairs,
    • Consulate of Panama in the country of origin.
  4. Once in Panama, Credits should be authenticated and reviewed by:
    • Ministry of Foreign Affairs,
    • Ministry of Education