The Student Social Service is a graduation requirement, which takes place between the 11th and 12th grades of High School. The same will not be evaluated with a grade but through a certification issued by the educational center after having attended at least 80% of the stipulated hours.. The certification will have two categories: Attended or Not Attended. No student will obtain his/her high school diploma without having fulfilled this requirement.

The actions of the student's Social Service will be given priority in rural communities, hospitals, schools, health centers, nursing homes, and charities.
The program must be completed in either of the following ways:

  1. During summer holidays for 60 hours, in rural areas, with the approval and the support of parents and students.
  2. For no less than 80 hours during the school year in a time that does not get into conflict with the regular class schedule.
  3. On Saturdays during the school year, with a minimum of 80 hours.   

The Student Social Service objectives are:

 1. Encourage that students commit to community work, training and organizational meetings for strengthening the culture of peace, tolerance, social awareness and solidarity.

 2. Develop students’ social awareness and adherence to change for the pursuit of social equity.

3. Help to build awareness in the youth for social problems and the need for finding solutions.

4. Encourage students’ altruistic spirit, the highest values of participation, and respect for the family and the society.

5.In private schools student's Social Service will be funded by other income funds, donations, through grants that provide the Association of Graduates or the School Parents’ Association..

Social Service 2019

From June 2nd to June 6th, 2019, the 11th-grade students traveled to the village of El Calabacito in the district of Los Pozos, in the rural communities of La Canoa and Ojo de Agua, Province of Herrera where they performed their social service.

Our young students carried out reforestation activities with fruit and timber trees (700 seedlings); They also visited a plant nursery called Dos Bocas, where they cleaned the plants of weeds, grasslands and pests, preparing them with fertile soil separated in bags for their sowing in new locations; distributed baskets of food, new and used clothing in good condition to low-income people; They painted 9 bus stops, 4 aqueducts and 3 cemeteries and held a farewell party and toasts with the school children who were given bags with school supplies.

We’d like to extend a special mention to Mr. Santiago Gomez and the Igualada family, to demonstrate our gratitude for their support during the 5 days of social services conducted.

We congratulate our students for their civic and social sense and extend our gratitude to teachers, Ronald, Ricardo, Martha, Daysira, Roberto, and Félix for participating to ensure the safety and success of this social work.

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A new partnership between Super La Cuenca and Soyuz Bilingual School has been celebrated, through whichSBS reiterates its commitment to the care and conservation of the environment through a comprehensive education that instills ecological values in our children from an early age.

In conjunction with Super La Cuenca, we will carry out various activities aimed at encouraging students of all ages to practice a culture of recycling in their daily lives, in which the biggest winner will be this beautiful green planet where we live called EARTH 🌎💚.