The background of our institution’s name, SOYUZ, is related to a world where technological advances are increasingly becoming more remarkable. Soyuz, the Soviet (now Russian) space program, has maintained its validity and usefulness since 1967, due to its foundations in the masterful design of its rockets, remaining unaltered since its creation. The same has also been maintained on account of a consistent renewal and adaptation that has made it a technological icon, continuing to contribute to human progress, for longer than any other space program or system

Soyuz significa la unión, el amor y la paz.  Simboliza la permanencia de la tecnología como instrumento del hombre para alcanzar sus sueños que nace como una relación de la vida en ascenso, la aspiración de lo infinito de la A a la Z.



To be an educational company willing to face the challenge of ensuring the best bilingual offer in the Azuero Region, from preschool to the last grade of high school, with a high academic level and human quality to develop critical, honest, and capable individuals of facing everyday challenges of a globalized world.



Provide a bilingual and high-quality educational service to the Panamanian society, strengthening effective communication, in the mother tongue of Panama, Spanish, and the most important commercial language in the world, English. Its mastery is achieved using technological tools that help our students to acquire soft and hard skills for life. We assume and promote the values: respect, appreciation of human dignity, freedom, justice, love, equality, democracy, among others